World reknowned dancer, teacher, lecturer and artist Murat Erdemsel is coming to Australia in February 2016. His Sydney visit will be from 11th-16th Feb and will consist of a lecture, 5 workshops and a special Valentine's Day milonga. 

His lecture "How to listen & understand Tango music" will be open to all creative, enquiring minds, not only those interested in Tango. His workshops will be geared from the most elemental dancer to the most advanced, there will be something for everyone, so do not miss this chance to have a truly unique learning experience. Murat will also be available for private lessons. Call 0401432892 or 0404221907 to book in early!


Thursday 11th: Private lessons available

7pm Friday 12th: Russian Nights, Bondi

Lecture "How to listen & understand Tango music" - 

Time: 7-8pm

Tangueros Milonga begins at 8pm

Saturday 13th: Worldwide Dance Studios, Alexandria

Three workshops: 

11am - Rhythm and Melody. Friends or enemies?

1pm -  Form. Understanding the composition.

2:30pm - Dynamics with understanding magic beat.

*Each workshop is 1 hour and a half.*

Join us at Tango Spirit Milonga at City Tattersalls club in the evening!


Sunday 14th: High Tide Room, Bondi Pavilion

Two workshops:

12:30pm - Timbre, conversation quality in the dance.

2pm - Texture. "Less is more" vs. "god is in the details".

*Each workshop is 1 hour and a half.*

Valentine's Day Milonga 8-12midnight Special edition milonga with a presentation from Murat and one of Sydney's favourite DJs, DJ SONNY!

Location: High Tide Room, Bondi Pavilion

Monday 15 & Tuesday 16: Private lessons available

Murat says about the workshops:

All these workshops have a common starting point - music. As I believe every step and gesture we make in the dance should come from it's reason and should serve for the meaning of the dance. As they are the letters and words in a language, proper use of grammar and syntax will organize and shape them to create meaningful sentences. Musicality will show us where and how these words should be used. Our dance deserves to have a meaning. "

About Murat

Murat is gifted with an insightful, thorough and analytical understanding of the dance.  He started his journey with tango in Istanbul, 1997.  Widely known for his strong lead and musicality, Murat's background in fine arts and music provides him with the perfect blend of senses for the movement of bodies through time and space.  

In his philosophy of teaching Murat strives to offer students valuable tools in order to enable them to take control of their own personal growth.  He is warm, attentive, entertaining and accessible to students. The style of his teaching is holistic in approach and clear in method.  He successfully combines technical and sensory exercises with fundamental concepts that lead to all the challenging possibilities of improvisation and expression.  As demonstrated in his own dance, he focuses on the origin of movement coming from an agreement in the embrace and has created a unique brand all his own characterized by musicality, playfulness, a balanced partnership and an awareness of social etiquette.

Murat has influenced large numbers of dancers with his unique perspective of dance and instruction. He followed his parents path to art school. He established himself as an artist before he arrived in the US to complete his Masters Degree in Painting. His art works were sold to collections in Europe and in the States. 

For more about Murat see: www.Murat.Dance

Full Program EARLY BIRD ($195.00) - Sales stopped
Full Program EARLY BIRD Synergy Discount ($189.00) - Sales stopped
Full Program ($225.00)
Full Program SYNERGY DISCOUNT ($220.00)
Saturday Package ($115.00)
Saturday Package SYNERGY DISCOUNT ($110.00)
Sunday Package ($115.00)
Sunday Package SYNERGY DISCOUNT ($110.00)
Lecture: How to listen & understand tango music ($25.00)
Lecture: How to listen & understand tango music SYNERGY DISCOUNT ($20.00)
Valentine's Milonga ($30.00)
Valentine's Milonga SYNERGY DISCOUNT ($25.00)
Workshop: Rhythm and Melody. Friends or enemies? ($45.00)
Workshop: Form. Understanding the composition. ($45.00)
Workshop: Dynamics with understanding magic beat. ($45.00)
Workshop: Timbre, conversation quality in the dance. ($45.00)
Workshop: Texture. "Less is more" vs. "god is in the details" ($45.00)

Sales stopped

February 12, 2016 19:00 - February 15, 2016 00:00 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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Friday Lecture: Russian Nights, 140 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW
Saturday Workshops: Worldwide Dance studios, 40/112 McEvoy St, Alexandria NSW
Sunday Workshops & Milonga: The High Tide Room, Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach.